Imagine throwing yourself a birthday party. People bring presents, sweet treats, and one of your closest friends brings you a cluster of gorgeous flowers. Now think how happy you’d be to find out that those aren’t just any old blooms: your friend actually named them after you! Well, Swedish Baron Clas Alströmer experienced that very honor when his friend, scientist Carolus Linnaeus, named the Alstroemeria flower after him. Now that’s a fantastic gift!

Also known as the Peruvian lily, it’s no surprise that the Alstroemeria was born in South America. However, today the Alstroemeria flourishes in a variety of different countries, including New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, and even our very own United States. Many different species of Alstroemeria exist, includes several hybrids. Hybridizing the Alstroemeria flower has helped create petals of all different colors and patterns, but it’s also solved another issue florists often deal with: dormancy.

What is dormancy in a plant or flower? Exactly what it sounds like – the plant goes dormant – inactive – in order to conserve energy. In other words, it stops blooming. This is useful for plants growing freely on their own, and helps them out during months that are harmful to their ability to thrive. However, for florists and flower fans, the Alstroemeria is a hugely popular bloom, so a period of dormancy isn’t exactly desirable.

That’s where hybridization really comes in handy. When you cross Chilean Alstroemeria with Brazilian Alstroemeria, you get a perennially blooming flower. That’s because Chilean Alstroemeria grow in the winter, and Brazilian Alstroemeria pop up in the summer, so when you cross the two you have a flower breed that’s ready to shine all year long.

The flower of friendship

Remember: the Alstroemeria flower was originally named after Carolus Linnaeu’s friend, Baron Clas Alströmer. So it’s no surprise that lovely Alstroemeria blooms are a symbol of friendship. The gemlike, starburst flowers are ideal for surprising a comrade who’s always been there for you. Like a solid friendship, they’re simple and unpretentious. But with their rich, warm colors and bold speckled pattern, Alstroemeria are anything but ordinary. They’re effortlessly beautiful – like the best things in life.

The flower of wealth

When some people think of wealth, they think of over-the-top luxury cars or fancy homes. But being prosperous is much more than a wallet stuffed with money. Imagine richness that doesn’t cost much, beauty that’s natural and lovely. Cue the Alstroemeria flower.

In addition to being a token of friendship, the Alstroemeria also symbolizes wealth and fortune. One look at the blossoms will tell you why. Each artful petal is like a precious gemstone, the saturated colors and the tiger stripes are like an intricate pattern on an expensive bedspread. The bright petals push forth in a marvelous, welcome display. However, while the Alstroemeria flower is exquisite, it also doesn’t fight to be noticed.

Yes, the Alstroemeria represents fortune, but not in a showy, in-your-face way. Rather, the Alstroemeria is refined, classy. And money can’t buy you class. That’s part of what makes the Alstroemeria so good at playing with others in a bouquet. The blooms are lovely on their own, but they’re also great at livening up whatever flower varieties surrounds them, much like how one fashionable, expensive accessory can transform an entire outfit. It’s no wonder the Alstroemeria represents wealth, because it brings an air of sophistication with it wherever it goes.

Activities with the alstroemeria

If you want to have a special flower bond with your friend, try the Alstroemeria Match Game!

When you’ve been friends with someone for a long time (or even a short period of time!), it can get difficult to pick out a present that’s sufficiently original. Have no fear, the Alstroemeria is here! With the Alstroemeria Match Game, you and your friends can each find the perfect gift for one another. Here’s how to play.

Write down each of the following questions on an individual postcard:

  1. Pick the best adjective to describe me: a) passionate b) kind c) funny
  2. You can always count on me for: a) honesty b) a shoulder to cry on c) lots of laughs
  3. At a party, I’m always: a) taking photos b) making new friends c) the center of attention

Have your friend answer each of the questions about you, and vice versa. At the end, see which option each of you picked the most of. A’s correspond to red Alstroemeria. B’s to white, and C’s to yellow.

At the end of the game, both you and your friend have a special Alstroemeria variety. Give your friend an Alstroemeria in that color any time you want to express appreciation for your friendship. Likewise, your friend now knows how to bring a smile to your face with a single bloom. You can play this game with as many friends as you wish. Have a party where you each exchange different colored Alstroemeria. With the flower of friendship, you can never go wrong.

Want to add spice and luxury to a dinner party or gathering with friends? Lay out an Alstroemeria table!

Throwing dinner parties can be stressful, especially when it comes to decorations. Do you use glassware? Plastic plates? Linen napkins? Paper? How do you make a table look world class without spending too much money? Remember: the Alstroemeria is all about wealth without the multiple dollar signs, so it’s the perfect way to take your dinner table from ‘eh’ to ‘extraordinary.’

Lay out a buffet table with black felt or cloth draped over it. Set out all of the food you plan on serving in whichever dishes you’d like. The colors and material don’t matter much, but the black (or navy) table covering is essential. Once you have that set up, go grab your diamonds and pearls – aka your Alstroemeria!

Set clusters of Alstroemeria on the table at the base of your dishes. You can use one, two, or multiple colors to make your spread look simply divine. If you want, wrap silverware sets (fork, knife, and spoon) in a napkin, then slip a ring over that napkin. Tuck a stemmed Alstroemeria into each napkin ring. Just make sure your guests know not to eat the flowers!

At the end of the party, give your guests each a tiny basket and tell them to take a bunch of Alstroemeria home with them. This way, none of the spectacular blooms go to waste. Alstroemeria provide you with your party decorations and your gift baskets all at once!

Caring for alstroemeria

Caring for Alstroemeria is super simple. When your Alstroemeria arrive, cut off the bottoms of their stems with pruners. Make sure to also remove leaves at the bottom portion of the stems. In other words – there shouldn’t be any leaves hitting the water when you place your Alstroemeria in a vase. But before you place your Alstroemeria in a vase, first try putting your flowers in warm water with the feed BloomsyBox has provided

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