Farm-to-table: Not Just For Food

When you think of the farm-to-table movement, what comes to mind? Fresh vegetables, maybe, or maybe you picture a jug of milk from a local dairy farm. In other words, you probably associate the farm-to-table movement with food. But the truth is, food isn’t the only thing that grows on farms. What other agricultural product sits on your table? You guessed it: flowers.

Where Do We Buy Flowers From?

We’ll back up. Traditionally, when you buy flowers, you’re not exactly sure where they’re coming from. For starters, a lot of countries import flowers. Even the Netherlands – one of the largest flower consumers in the world – has shifted their focus from production to trade. Here in the U.S., we import our flowers from a variety of places, primarily Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico.

Hold up. What? How does the farm-to-table movement have anything to do with flowers, when the majority of them are imported, not grown locally here in the U.S.? The truth is, the profundities of farm-to-table concept have much more to do than just where your flowers are coming from. For instance, consider that’s it’s actually more energy efficient to import flowers from countries that have humid climates and naturally fertile soils, as opposed to building heated greenhouses here in the U.S.

So, what makes the blooms in our flower delivery service truly farm-to-table?

What Makes Us A Farm-to-table Flower Subscription Program?

When we say farm-to-table, we mean that we really do bring your flowers from the farm to your table. What does that mean? Well, this is the traditional timeline for how a flower arrangement gets to your door here in the states:

Day 1: Flowers are harvested and packed at the farm
Day 2: Flowers are delivered via refrigerated truck to the airport
Day 3: Flowers fly from the airport to a large flower importer
Day 4: Flowers are kept at the importer’s warehouse for 3-4 days
Day 7-8: Flowers are shipped via refrigerated truck to wholesalers. This process takes around 2-4 days.
Day: 9+: The wholesalers sell the flowers to retailers
Day 10+: The wholesalers sell the flowers to you.

Whew. If you thought that sounded complicated, you’re not the only one. By the time the average flower arrangement gets to you, it’s been sitting in a fridge for more than a week! That doesn’t sound very fresh to us. Now, consider our method of purchasing flowers.

Day 1: Flowers are harvested and packed at the farm
Day 2: Flowers are delivered to the airport via refrigerated truck
Day 3: Flowers fly from the airport to large importer
Day 4: Flowers clear customs, and are shipped via Fedex directly to your door.

We eliminate the middlemen in order to ensure that you get your flower ASAP, with minimal refrigeration and storage.

Why Does Buying Farm-to-table Flowers Matter?

Because we bypass wholesalers and retailers, are flowers arrangements are significantly less expensive than they would be at a flower store. Buying direct saves time, money, and reduces industry waste. We put those savings directly in our customers’ pockets. Why pay boatloads for stale flowers, when you can save money and be rewarded with fresher blooms.

Speaking of fresh, our flowers are top qualities. The younger the bloom is upon arrival, the longer it will last. Our flowers last longer than those that have been sitting in a warehouse for days – even weeks!

But the quality of the flowers isn’t the only thing cares about. We also have a passion for supporting local flower farming communities.

Buying Farm-to-table Flowers Is Better For Farmers

First of all, all of the farms we buy from are Fair Trade certified. That means that none of chemicals used for fertilizing our flowers are toxic, and the ethical treatment of flower farmers is under far stricter scrutiny than it would be otherwise. Fair Trade certification is particularly relevant when you consider that one study found that a whopping 50% of the flower farm workers in Colombia and Ecuador suffered from health problems related to chemical exposure at their work. Here at we believe the health of the workers who bring us our flowers is of utmost importance, so we only buy Fair Trade.

Second of all, cutting out the middlemen doesn’t just make our flowers less expensive, it also allows our farms to have far more control over their blooms. Because we buy directly from the farms, they enjoy far better profit margins. With the extra revenue, the farmers have better work conditions. Additionally, the farms can have flexibility in their growing options, and can afford eco-friendly and sustainable farming programs.

Who Are Our Farmers?

A lot of flower companies claim to be “farm-to-table,” but are really just warehouse operations that aren’t involved with the actual flower growing process. Additionally, not all farms are created equal. Plenty of farms cut corners and produce less than ideal blooms. However, here at, we’re proud to say we’re good friends with some of the best farms and farmers around. The farms we purchase from have made some of the most incredible contributions to the flower industry. They’ve revolutionized the world’s understanding of how to best care for roses after they’ve been harvested. They’ve developed environmentally friendly ways to grow gorgeous blooms. They’ve even create new flower varieties in stunning colors the world has never seen before.

In other words, our farms are extraordinary, because that’s what we want out flowers to be. In fact, we settle for nothing less.

You’re Smart And Socially Conscious, Let Your Flower Delivery Service Be, Too

It’s time to start demanding more of the flower industry. Don’t be satisfied with frozen, overpriced, colorless blooms from farms that have questionable moral codes. Shop with and buy sustainable, beautiful flowers that benefit both you and the flower farmers themselves. Buy smart. Buy direct.

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