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Freedom Roses

Bloom of the month- February

We decided to celebrate the month of romance with the classic flower of love: the red rose! It’s hard to look at a bouquet of red roses and not immediately think of passion, affection, and romance. The rose in and of itself represents love, but the red huge symbolizes zest and longing.

Gerbera Daisies

Bloom of the month- March

Daisies are simple but gorgeous. We chose daisies in March because we figured we all need a little reminder to be positive. Bright, bold, and beautiful – the gerbera daisy spreads cheer wherever it goes.

Oriental Lilies

Bloom of the month- October

Easy to grow, bursting with color, and suitable for every occasion, lilies are a wonderful flower to welcome spring. lilies represent humility and devotion. Perhaps due to their delicate color, white lilies are also associated with sympathy and the restoration of innocence. All in all, lilies symbolize purity, be it religious or general.

Pincushion Protea

Bloom of the month- September

Pin Cushion is an unusual and exotic flower that has the distinctive appearance of a pincushion filled with pins. Their spherical-shaped flower heads and unusual color combinations add extreme texture to floral designs.

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